Hello everybody,

In life often we don’t appreciate the blessings of Christ fully unless we’ve been through a struggle that magnifies the blessing for us. Rob Finster will be preaching on Sunday taking us in that direction, here’s his summary for this week’s sermon.


All alone.  In the dark and quite fearful of being face to face.    Have you known this situation?   Jacob faced it!   First the mental and emotional struggle then a physical struggle. What will be the outcome of this face to face?    How can this great fear followed by a great struggle lead to great blessing?  Find out this Sunday as we look at Jacob’s memorable encounter with God.  Along with the Lord’s supper, it reminds us of the spiritual blessings in knowing Jesus. 

Here’s what’s on the radar for EC this weekend:

  • ECY – EC Youth Friday 7:00pm at the church.
  • EC Sunday gathering 10:00am.
    This week we have Sunday lunch after the service, please stick around for some extended connection over a sandwich.

Rob Finster will be sharing God’s word this week – Genesis 32 “Face to Face with God”

To prepare ourselves for Sunday please read through Genesis 32.

In Christ,